Build meaningful relationships through Events

Unlock the power of events by allowing teams to create engaging social gatherings that bring people together.


Let anyone create social moments

Use Café as the one-stop-shop for all of your events. From small gatherings, like lunches or team outings, to complex, company- or department-wide offsite events.

Key Features

Hybrid Events

Enable in-person and remote experiences to make sure no one gets left out

Custom Audience

Use smart filters to customize audiences by teams, interests, ERGs or offices

RSVP Questions

Collect important information before your events, like dietary and travel needs


Automatically create a dynamic waitlist when your events reach capacity


Check people in when they show up to capture the attendance rates

Satisfaction Survey

Measure employee satisfaction with existing or custom templates

Robust Analytics

Access detailed, exportable analytics on events


Promote your events in broadcast channels through chat or calendar

Design team


Celebrate special moments with your team. Whether it’s a product launch, quarterly offsite, or new member welcome, always ensure you’re carving out space for rare moments together.

Encourage interest groups

Bring people together through common interests. It's now easier than ever to craft the right guest list, choose the best activity, and maximize the impact of each local or virtual gathering.

Offer IRL and 
virtual options

All the info you need to join, from wherever you are. Curate virtual, IRL, and hybrid events for your communities of interest, with ease.

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