Get to know each other individually

Discover people beyond their name and job title, and connect intentionally.


Put yourself on the


Customize your own profile so it accurately reflects who you are, at work and beyond. Help your colleagues get to know you and create opportunities to connect.

Key Features


Get to know who people are in their own words


Leverage tags to connect with people you share interests with

Employee Info

Share the basics, like job title, department, and main office

Contact Details

Let people know how and when to interact with each other

Personal Milestones

Highlight birthdays and work anniversaries so no-one misses a chance to celebrate

Schedule Visibility

Access people’s schedules and plan to meet ahead of time

ERG & Region

See groups and communities people are a part of

Skills & Tools

List people's areas of expertise to facilitate introductions and mentorship

Showcase who you are

You are more than your job title. Add your favorite foods, activities, TV shows and more, to express who you are and connect with people you share interests with!

Improve asynchronous communication

Add your contact information and let your peers know how and when to interact with you. Maintain effective communication, regardless of locations and timezones.

Celebrate personal milestones

Never miss a chance to celebrate team members’ big milestones. Whether it’s a birthday or work anniversary, make people feel special and come together.

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