Café To 

Increase Productivity

Empower people to be their most productive selves


Sync schedules to work efficiently

Let people compare plans with their teammates and decide when to come in. Provide real-time information to make sure they connect in-person and join the right space.

Key Features

Schedule Sync

Compare real-time planning with favorites, individuals, or teams

AI Suggestions

Trust Café to automatically set your work location based on your habits

Centralized Info

Access organization knowledge (directory, office, access details, events)


Integrate seamlessly with Slack, Teams & Calendars for events, status and spaces

Optimize work schedules

Make sure people come in the right day and join the right space. Optimize their commute time and ensure they don't miss out on events and teammates.

Save time by providing the right info

Share all office knowledge in Café, bringing more visibility to employees. List the essentials such as opening hours, amenities, wifi access and more.

Leverage your dynamic directory

Centralize information and provide a complete picture of your organization. Browse and discover people, places, groups and more.

See the benefits of using Café

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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