Design impactful events, collectively

Elevate your event experience with customizable polls & surveys.


Collect attendees’ details ahead of time

Gather important information from attendees before your events, such as dietary and travel needs.

Key Features

RSVP Questions

Collect important information before your events, like dietary and travel needs

Satisfaction Survey

Measure employee satisfaction with existing or custom templates


Create events designed around employee suggestions (location, date, time...)


Integrate with Slack, Teams & Calendars for convenience and higher response rate

Leverage feedback to enhance events

Improve your event experience over time by collecting attendees’ feedback and insights. Create and manage custom surveys to learn as you go.

Get people to vote for future events

Let people have a say in upcoming events, like preferred dates and times, locations, and types of events. Make events more appealing to your audiences with custom polls.

Streamline events communications

Make it easy for employees to access event information and respond to your surveys. Send event details, polls, and surveys directly in Slack and Teams.

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