Your schedule,

your preferences

Compare your statuses with teammates or favorite folks across departments.


Compare schedules

Compare plans with your teammates and decide where to work from. Access real-time information and make sure to connect in-person when you come in.

Key Features

Schedule Sync

Compare real-time planning with favorites, individuals, or teams

Half-day Scheduling

Set half-day statuses when working from 2 different places on the same day

AI Suggestions

Trust Café to set your statuses based on your habits

Office FOMO

See what's happening at the office and don't miss out on people or events

AI generated schedule

Not sure about your plan this week? We've got you covered. Apply our AI-generated, personalized suggestions to fill your weekly status in just 1-click.

Stay flexible with half-days

Specify different statuses throughout your day, provide people with more visibility and accuracy.

Make sure you don't miss out

See when something important is happening at the office (like events, celebrations, or one of your favorites is coming in), and pick the right day to come in and socialize.

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