Seamless space management for flexible teams

Give people a way to choose the right space and the right day based on their needs and who will be there.


Join the right space

Split your offices into neighborhoods, and upload custom floor plans. Whether coming to the office for collaboration, individual work or social opportunities, make sure people book the best space.

Key Features

Space Booking

Empower people to book a spot at the office in the zone that works best

Today #Channel

Create an ephemeral Slack channel each day for people who are at the office

Priority Zones

Define rules for which teams can book in certain zones

Space Amenities

List hardware and equipment available in each space

Floor Plan

Make your floor plan visible and help people join the right space

Mobile App

Enable people to interact with their workplace on the go (iOs/Android)


Set statuses, book a space, and more directly within Slack or Teams

Schedule Sync

Compare real-time planning with favorites, individuals, or teams

Design activity-based spaces

Define guidelines that highlight the purpose of each zone, like noise level, work style and phone call policy.

Sync schedules to work efficiently

Let people compare plans with their teammates and decide when to come in. Provide real-time information to make sure they connect in-person and join the right space.

Monitor workspace usage

Go through real-time data on how people are using your zones and generate custom reports. Refine zoning based on occupancy.

Make office information accessible

Centralize office information (such as opening hours, building access, office manager, and more) and provide employees with visibility on the office they join.

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