Café for 


Optimize space and employee retention

Understand your organization usage and habits through detailed analytics.


Why Finance teams teams use Café

To understand space usage

To monitor hybrid strategy

To reduce office cost

To increase retention

Better understand portfolio usage

Access useful information like space utilization or office occupancy to optimize your workplace and real estate.


People Analytics

Measure and boost social connectivity with people data and interests.


Synchronize your favorite tools to Café (Chat, Calendars, HRIS, SSO).


Protect your data with GDPR regulation and SOC2 Type2 Certification.

Monitor location policy

Go through real-time insights about your return to workplace strategy and capacity planning. Optimize your hybrid work model and employee experience at the same time.

Optimize your toolkit

Integrate Café to your daily tools (Chats, Calendars, HRIS) to avoid context switching. Equip all of your organization with a connected app that’s available on iOs, Android and Web.

Improve belonging, reduce turnover

Encourage people to meet and create connection outside of their team to boost serendipity across the organization and get rid of silos.

Get everyone on board!

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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