Café for 

Workplace Experience

Give purpose to your workplace

Build a flexible work environment and give people a reason to show up.


Why Workplace teams teams use Café

To encourage connection

To improve visibility

To enable flexibility

To understand usage

Build a flexible work environment.

Help individuals decide where to work based on what everyone else is doing. Once they’re in the office, make the information accessible in order to join the right space.


Space Booking

Give people a way to select their space based on their preferences.

Event Management

Let anyone create social gatherings and encourage interest groups.

Workplace Analytics

Understand your workspace usage and optimize your return to office strategy.


Highlight life events 
and celebrate personal milestones.

Give people a reason to show up

Using interest-based events, it’s easier than ever to craft the right guest list, choose the best activity, and maximize the impact of each gathering.

Leverage analytics, drive action

View real-time insights about your return to office strategy and capacity planning. Identify people's habits to make sure you’re making the best out of your spaces.

Don’t miss out on celebrations

Help people feel special, whether you’re physically together or celebrating remotely: spotlight them in a way they relate to, with their favorite foods, activities, and hobbies.

Get everyone on board!

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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