10 best Slack apps for Hybrid and remote teams

Launched in 2009, Slack has progressively become a must-have communication tool. With nearly 10 million active daily users and tens of thousands of global customers, Slack is one of the most widely used business technologies.

When it comes to managing a hybrid team, as mighty as Slack can be, as a standalone app it leaves some important needs unfulfilled. And as most businesses transition from forced remote to hybrid work styles, the scope of tools managers need in order to properly run a hybrid team have expanded to:

  • Office Management
  • Productivity
  • Social & Fun
  • HR & Culture
  • Project / Task Management
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous communication, and so much more,

So what is one to do? Slack integrations are here to save us from using 1 million different tools in different places. The question then becomes, which integrations can help us save time & resources, consolidate our tech stacks, and fulfill the most needs.

Slack app directory, launched in 2015

In addition to being a must-have solution in the enterprise world, Slack has also gradually become a major player in the Future of Work, much appreciated by teams that have adopted a hybrid or remote-first work mode. Since 2017, Slack is particularly invested in the launch of various initiatives such as the Roadmap for the future of work in 2021, or more recently the Future of Work program aiming at identifying and supporting the best solutions of the Future of Work movement.

Slack's roadmap for the future of Work

As many hybrid teams try to optimize their collaboration with Slack - the preferred solution for hybrid teams, here are our top 10 best Slack apps for hybrid and remote-first teams:

1. Claap

Used for: Project management, Asynchronous Communication, Task Management

Available on: Webapp, Slack, Calendar

Claap is an async video collaboration platform. It helps you share your thoughts through screen recording, get contextual feedback and make decisions. All without the meetings or endless messaging threads.

Use Claap for async video collaboration

Best features with Slack:

  • Share your recording in a specific channels
  • Get contextual feedback with annotations & time-stamped comments
  • Reply to Claap comments directly in Slack. 
  • Get notified when:
    - You're tagged in a video
    - Someone replies to one of your comments
    - New comments are made in videos you’re subscribed to
    - You’re invited to a new Claap videos

Pricing and reviews: 

Hybrid companies using Claap:

Revolut, Doctolib, Qonto, OpenClassrooms

2. Café

Used for: Social & fun, Office management, HR & Culture

Available on: Webapp, IOS, Android

Café, the social hub for Hybrid teams

Café offers new ways to schedule real-life interactions across teams to improve serendipity and connectivity in your organization.
Café connects people across the organization in three ways: by getting to know each other’s hobbies, encouraging in-person meetups, and organizing events.

Best features with Slack:

  • Set your location within Slack
  • See teammates' statuses based on their calendar: meetings, office hours, birthday…
  • See where your team and work besties are working from
  • Get connected to someone new every week for a coffee chat
  • View who’s working from which location on a map
  • Get a daily Slack channel with who’s at the office today 

Hybrid companies using Café:

Veepee, Chick-Fil-A, Wize, Amadeus

Pricing and reviews: 

3. Birthdaybot

Used for: Social & Fun, HR and Culture

Available on: Slack App, Discord

Use Birthdaybot and never miss an employee birthday

BirthdayBot keeps everyone informed about upcoming birthdays. It also ensures all the members of your team get a proper b-day celebration, whether they are working in the office or remote!

Best features with Slack:

  • Keep track of workplace anniversaries
  • Sync with Google or Outlook Calendar to see all the dates in calendar view
  • Keep celebrations in separate channels for different offices or departments
  • Configurable reminder levels
  • Opt out of birthday celebrations if you prefer to keep your birthday private

Reviews & pricing: 

  • G2: 4,5/5
  • Free plan: YES
  • Premium plan: From $0.75 per user/month

Hybrid companies using BirthdayBot: 

Adidas, Twitter, Walmart, Forbes

4. Range

Used for: Project Management, Task Management, Productivity

Available on: Webapp, Zoom

Use Range to replace stanups with async check-ins

Range replaces standups with async check-ins and allows you to keep your team connected, no matter where they're working.

By sharing your status and updates across the team without a video call, you know how people are doing and get updates on every project.. You can also add goals to async check-ins and meetings to stay aligned as a team. 

Best features with Slack: 

  • Updates and check in reminders in Slack 
  • Fill your daily check in directly in Range #channel
  • Browse and attach files to your check in 
  • Ask team questions and icebreakers 
  • React and comment check in and team questions

Reviews & pricing:

  • G2: 4,5/5
  • Free Plan: YES
  • Premium plan: From $8 per user/month

Hybrid companies using Range:

HubSpot, Wellthy, Cicleci, SeatGeek 

5. Slite

Used for: Project Management, Async Communication, Task Management, Productivity

Available on: Web App, IOS, Android

Slite, the modern knowledge base

Slite is a modern knowledge base that helps teams escape the chaos of information overload. Browse and use dozens of templates for different use cases (project management, onboarding, to-do list, plannings, CRM…), and improve async communication and collaborative work,

Best features with Slack:

  • Paste Slite links into Slack and display title, author and channel
  • Share notes directly from Slite to Slack channel
  • Search for Slite notes and share them directly from Slack using "/slite
  • Receive Slite activity highlights into any Slack channel when notes are created or edited

Reviews & pricing:

  • G2: 4,7/5
  • Free Plan: YES
  • Premium plan: From $8 per user/month

Hybrid companies using Slite:

Spotify, BambooHR, Agorapulse, Meero

6. Miro 

Used for: Project Management, Async Communication, Task Management, Productivity

Available on: Web App, IOS, Android

Miro, the collaborative whiteboard

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work together effectively. Miro is perfect for team brainstorming and mindmapping, facilitating agile ceremonies, running design reviews and sprints, and creating a central visual hub for projects. 

Best features: 

  • Get notifications in Slack about changes on your Miro boards so that you can stay up to date on new mentions, projects, and team activities. 
  • Review comments, 
  • Browse and find recently updated boards
  • Approve access requests directly within Slack without interrupting your workflow.
  • Display Miro board name, description, and cover image when sharing the link in Slack 

Reviews & pricing:

  • G2: 4,6/5
  • Free Plan: YES
  • Premium plan: From $8 per user/month

Hybrid companies using Miro: 

Deloitte, Walmart, Cisco, Okta

7. EngageWith

Used for: HR & Culture, Productivity, Async Communication

Available on: Web App, Slack, Teams

Boost employee engagement with Engagewith

EngageWith is a comprehensive employee engagement platform to build and boost team culture. EngageWith allows you to track employee motivation and engagement through E-NPS, anonymous feedback, culture and management surveys, manager feedback, or rewards and recognition. 

Best features with Slack: 

  • Send peer Kudos and Shoutouts for their notable contributions.
  •  Share appreciation and recognition in the Slack channel of your choice
  • Design and send surveys and Feedback questions to generate eNPS
  • Get employees feedback in a dedicated channel
  • Use 45+ pre-built survey templates. 
  • Access real time team and individual leaderboards to track and measure engagement and motivation. 

Reviews & pricing:

  • G2: 4,5/5
  • Free Plan: YES
  • Premium plan: From $4 per user/month

Hybrid companies using EngageWith: 

Onjuno, Outplay, Cowrywise, Setu 

8. Time

Used for: Time Tracking, Project Management, Productivity

Available on: Webapp, Slack 

Track task-based time from Slack with Time

Time is a task-based time-tracking app, built for Slack. Time allows you to manage projects, track working time, measure productivity and create reports right from Slack.
You can easily track the time spent on each project with Slack texts commands - and then access your dashboard with work time visualization, insights, and live time tracking from the webapp. 

Best features with Slack: 

  • Set working time – Starting time in your timezone to inform your colleagues
  • Start your day – Use /t description to start tracking time.
  • Share your status and see what others are working on without disturbing them.
  • User various slash commands to: 
    - Generate a timestamped record in a specific #channel
    - Track a break between tasks
    - Set yourself unavailable when on call or meeting 
    - Mark the end of your business day and limited availability
    - See who's online right now

Reviews & pricing:

  • G2: 5/5
  • Free Plan: NO
  • Premium plan: From $10/month (<50 users)  

9. Workstreams 

Used for: Task Management, Project Management, Async Communication 

Available on: Web App, Slack

Workstreams for task management in Slack

Workstreams is a workflow productivity solution & task management app for Slack. Workstreams.ai provides instant Kanban workflows and allows you to create tasks in any channel and assign them across distributed teams with ease. 

Best features with Slack: 

  • Use shortcuts in any channel to create a task or quickly access your tasks
  • Convert any message to a task
  • Jump to Kanban Boards right from Slack
  • Set due dates & assign team members 
  • Organize subtasks for a specific task
  • Set due dates & assign team members to subtasks
  • Attach files to your tasks
  • Upload files to task threads

Reviews & pricing:

Hybrid companies using Workstreams:

Allianz, Expedia, Unilever, Columbia University

10. Polly: 

Used for: HR & Culture, People Management, Productivity

Available on: Web App, Slack 

Boost and track employee engagement with Polly

Polly is a form and survey tool - purpose-built for Slack, that helps you to engage your employees, collect feedback and async check in with your team. Through Polly web or Slack app, we can design and customize polls for various uses, collect and visualize answers data to track employee engagement. 

Best features with Slack: 

  • Send single or multi-question pollys to your team for instant response
  • Send polls in private or publics channels 
  • Use templates to check-in, onboard, or collect feedbacks from your employees
  • Visualize pollys results 

Reviews & pricing:

  • Capterra: 4.6/5
  • Free Plan: YES
  • Premium plan: From $49 per/month (for 500 answers)

Hybrid companies using Steer:

DataRobot, WildLife, Stelligent, Segment

(Bonus) Dara

Used for: Communication, HR & Culture, Office management

Available on: Slack

Enhance DEI with Dara

Dara empowers organizations to enhance DEI by improving daily communication and lessons from missteps – all inside Slack.

Best features with Slack: 

Real-time inclusive language feedback

AI-Powered language analysis to promote respectful and unbiased communication in the workplace

  • Notify users automatically when they use non-inclusive language and suggest edits
  • +370 word dictionary of non-inclusive words
  • Full dictionary management including disabling words and creating new ones
  • Allow employees to report DEI-related incidents and take action

Track and analyze your workspace DEI-behaviour

Leverage comprehensive data reporting to track progress and optimize your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

  • Comprehensive dashboard displaying key DEI metrics and trends
  • Customizable reports for deeper insights into your organization's DEI progress
  • Data-driven recommendations for improving inclusion in the workplace

Pricing: ‍‍

Free Plan: YES

Premium plan: From $99.99 per workspace/month

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